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SciArt at the Cavendish Laboratory - Call to Artists

The Call to Artists for the SciArt at the Cavendish Exhibition.



Call for Artists: SciArt at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, UK.

“Making Sense of the World”.


SciArt in Cambridge is excited to present the first Cambridge SciArt Exhibition at the Cavendish Laboratory as part of the Cambridge Science Festival.
The exhibition will be open during the Cambridge Science Festival, March 2018 and is being sponsored by ZEISS and the Institute of Physics.


We invite artists to submit work until the 31st January 2018.

Please read below for background, theme and instructions on how to submit.




The SciArt movement aims to engage a wider audience with Science through Art, reaching people who perhaps would not normally react to, or be interested in, Science. We believe Art can communicate emotionally to people in a way that Science rarely does.


SciArt in Cambridge is a fast growing community of creative people, including artists and scientists, aiming to make the secrets of the world we live in more intelligible and engaging to the human imagination. We are building accessible, friendly and open-minded platforms - meetups, discussions, debates, events and exhibitions - in order to foster and promote collaborations between artists and scientists.


As the first laboratory in the world to award PhDs in Physics and with 29 members receiving Nobel Prizes for their work, the Cavendish Labs provide an inspirational setting for your work, which should have some relationship with Physics or its language - Mathematics - and therefore tie in with the theme of Cambridge Science Festival 2018 “Making Sense of the World”.  This exhibition will provide a platform to share ideas and bring people together. We welcome artists seeking opportunities to collaborate with scientists - there will also be opportunities to chat with Cavendish physicists.


The relationship between your art and venue does not need to be a linear one. For example, The Cavendish Laboratory has had an important influence on Biology through the application of X-ray Crystallography to the study of structures of biological molecules. Be imaginative! But state your rationale clearly.


We aim to show work in a variety of media - traditional art forms such as painting, film and photography, sculpture and installation - but also welcome unconventional forms, such as wearables and live performance. However, we do have limited space and, sadly, will not be able to show everything. Each entry will be judged on its individual merits by the organising committee of SciArt in Cambridge.


Exhibition Opening Times and Events:

Monday 19th - Friday 23rd March open daily 10:00 - 16:00

Saturday 24th March: 14:00 - 17:00


Special Events:

Monday 19th March 18:00: Drinks and opening speeches - all welcome

Tuesday 20th March 18.00: Artists event- presentations by exhibiting artist & the science behind their work - booking required

Saturday 24th March: 14.00-17.00 Families workshop with Neural Knitworks (booking required)

Saturday 24th March: 19.00-late. SciArt Soirée - speed-meets, refreshments, music, short presentations designed to get the art and science communities talking and foster collaboration. Booking required.


Exhibition may also open during Cavendish festival events - see website for full details


Sales and Commission:

You are welcome to sell work during the exhibition but we have limited facilities so it would be your responsibility to handle transactions and deliveries. There will be no commission taken for sales of your work.



To submit your work, please fill in the application form.

Please submit your entry before 31st January 2018.

We will inform you if your entry has been successful the week of the 12th February.


You will be asked to submit:


  • Basic contact information

  • A short artist biography and photo

  • A (maximum 300 word) statement describing your work and its relationship to Physics or Mathematics and a persuasive argument as to why we should show your work at the Cavendish Laboratory Exhibition.

  • High quality images of your work (minimum 1000x1000 pixel 300 dpi tiffs or jpegs) with the filenames being clearly labelled with your name and work title if there are multiple works/images - we need to know which is which.

  • Details about each piece submitted:

    • Title

    • Dated

    • Media type

    • Dimensions (disassembled / assembled if applicable)

    • Special requirements / logistics required (electric socket, projector, plinth etc) and if you are able to supply them or if The Cavendish Laboatory will need to.

    • Sale price (if applicable)


By submitting your entry, you confirm that you are able to bring your work (or have your work delivered) on Saturday 17th and/or Sunday 18th March 2018 to the Cavendish Laboratory and be able collect it (or arrange a courier to pick up) on Sunday 25th March.

It is also preferable if you are able attend the Cavendish Laboratory in person on the 19th, 20th,and 24th March. This is not essential, but we feel it is always preferable to be able to promote your work in person yourself.


The size of the venue is 15m x 9m. Door is 1.6m wide and 2m high. You artwork must be able to fit in this space and get through the doors.


By submitting your work for this exhibition, you confirm that any text or images you submit can be used for marketing the event “SciArt at the Cavendish Laboratory” and associated events as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. Your content may appear on social media, in local press etc. or used by a sponsor for the sole purpose of promoting the exhibition and associated events and your work. In the case that content you submit may be requested by a 3rd party, you will be asked for permission to give to the 3rd party. Your contact details will not be used for any other reason other than to contact you about your entry and communicate with you about this exhibition.


SciArt in Cambridge and Cavendish Laboratory will as far as possible take care of any artworks during the exhibition while on display and while being stored. However, SciArt in Cambridge and Cavendish Laboratory cannot not take any responsibility for any damage on delivery by a 3rd party or any accidental damage to works while in situ at the Cavendish Laboratory. It is recommended that you take out any insurance for works if you require.