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Department of Physics

Educational Outreach

Studying at Cambridge



Each year, the Cavendish offers several work experience placements for local students aged 16 or older.


Applications for work experience places for 2017 are now CLOSED.
The deadline for submission was the 28th FEBRUARY 2017.

To Apply

There are a small number of opportunities for work experience at the Cavendish laboratory. These are restricted to students who are sixteen years of age or older at the time of placement and preference is given to those who live locally as we do not find accommodation for students.

Students interested in applying should fill in the application form.

Send this along with a CV outlining their qualification and chosen subjects as well as a covering letter describing their interests.

Students interested in applying for a work experience place for June - September 2017 should:

  • Check that their parents/guardians and school would be happy to sign our form .
  • Then, send this completed form along with a hard copy of:

    1. A covering letter containing the dates for their placement, contact details(telephone and email), which should also explain their specific interests in physics (please look at the types of placement we can offer)
    2. Their curriculum vitae, including any academic qualifications (such as GCSE's) and current courses of study

    Assistant Educational Outreach Officer
    Cavendish Laboratory
    J J Thomson Avenue
    Cambridge, CB3 0HE

Please note:

  • Places will be allocated at our discretion based on a student's suitability for one of the projects on offer each year.
  • Successful applicants for 2016 will be notified on 31st March 2017.