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CPE Optics Session

CPE Hybrid Events


This one day programme consists of a morning tour of a Cambridge college, followed by information about studying at Cambridge, and advice on Higher Education and applying to Cambridge. This is followed by a physics activity at the Cavendish Laboratory, where students take part in a practical session and are given presentations on curriculum physics as well as exciting research topics.

CPE events are thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers alike. Schools from all over the country have made the trip to Cambridge to take part in the event.


The online version of the CPE has the following programme:

  • An online tour of a Cambridge college, information about studying at Cambridge, and advice on Higher Education, including the Cambridge application process. This will be accessible online the week before and throughout the CPE week. 
  • A practical session, in which students apply curriculum science to novel exercises, to be completed before the Q&A session whenever time is available. This will use commonly available resources and the Outreach team will be on hand to offer any help required.
  • A recorded demonstration and an optional live Q&A with the Outreach team, bookable a week before the event. This Q&A will take place on the day that you book, from 10:00 to 11:00.
  • For year 9, 10, 11, and 12 sessions, problem-solving with Isaac Physics; a free fully DfE funded Physics project for students from years 9 and above. You can request a live problem-solving session with 2 members of the Isaac Physics team on the day that you book.

Bookings are for a group of students, this can be any size or as many as you feel can meaningfully interact with the live Q&A.

CPE events have several aims which include increasing participation in physics and changing perceptions and stereotypes of Physics and Cambridge University. Students and teachers that attend the CPE are asked to fill out a Post-Questionnaire in order to assess the success of these aims.


Preference is given to state-dependent establishments.

  • For the online events, bookings are for a group of students, this can be any size or as many as you feel can meaningfully interact with the live Q&A.
  • For the in-person events, the number of student places per school is limited (typically 15).


Year Group


7th—11th   November 2022

Year 9: Forces Challenge

Book Here

6th—10th February   2023

Year 12: Evaluating local gravity

Book Here

13th—17th March 2023

Year 10/11: Lenses and Optics

Book Here

24th April—28th April 2023

Year 7/8: Mars Rover Mission

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For our in person events, bursaries are available to help cover travel and teacher cover costs.  Please see the School Physics Bursaries page for more information.