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Cambridge Physics Experience

The Cambridge Physics Experience (CPE) is a one day event organised by the Cavendish in collaboration with several Cambridge Colleges that has been running for several years.

CCPE Yr 11 Session

This one day programme consists of a morning spent at a Cambridge College with a tour of the college, information about studying at Cambridge and advice given on Higher Education and applying to Cambridge. This is followed by an afternoon at the Cavendish Laboratory where students take part in a practical session and are given presentations on curriculum physics as well as exciting research topics.

CPE events have several aims which include increasing particpation in physics and changing perceptions and stereotypes of Physics and Cambridge University. Students and teachers that attend the CPE are asked to fill out a Post-Questionnaire in order to assess the success of these aims.

CPE events are thoroughly enjoyed by students and teachers alike. Schools from all over the country have made the trip to Cambridge to take part in the event.



For these events preference is given to state-dependent establishments and the number of student places per school are limited (typically 10).

There are several CCPE events run throughout the year with each event tailored for a specific age group, the dates can be found on the booking page.

Teachers' Feedback

CCPE Schools and Colleges