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What does your group do?

Submarine engineers are responsible for safely operating and maintaining the United Kingdom's nuclear submarine Fleet and are some of the most highly qualified and competent engineers in the UK. They provide a continuous around-the-clock presence in support of the Nuclear Steam Raising Plant (NSRP) operations that power our Submarine Fleet around the globe helping to maintain law and order. 

What will students see during your exhibit?

A simple, effective animated nuclear power plant that will be used to explain how we generate both propulsive and electrical power onboard from the Submarines Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR).

What physics is used in your demonstration?

Physics is everywhere onboard a Submarine, particularly an nuclear one. The demonstration will focus on how as engineers we can produce enough power from nuclear fission to propel a 15,000 Tonne Submarine around the worlds oceans without the need to refuel or break cover, allowing us to remain undetected, keeping the Nation safe.

Why is it useful? 

Nuclear power has allowed the UK Government to fulfill its commitment to the Defence of the Nation with the Continuous At Sea Deterrent. This has meant at least one nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine patrolling the seas undetected at all times. Their purpose is to preserve peace, prevent coercion, and deter aggression. This would not be possible without nuclear fission and the power we can harness from it.

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