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Cambridge Physics Centre Sixth Form Lecture Schedule

Cambridge Physics Centre: Lecture Programme 2018/19

Supported by the Cavendish Laboratory and the Institute of Physics


This lecture series is aimed at those in years 12 and 13, and exists to enthuse, stimulate and challenge students and their teachers across the whole broad spectrum of physics-related topics. Lectures start at 6pm and finish by 7pm. There is no need to book these lectures, you can just turn up on the day. Attendance is always very high and so we advise to arrive early so that you are not disappointed.

If you wish to be informed of future talks, please sign up to the mailing list.



Thursday 18th October

Transient astronomy: bursts, bangs and things that go bump in the night


Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Thursday 15th November

Exotic Magnetism: monopoles, and emergent order


Dr Sian Dutton
Thursday 6th December

Coffee Beans: Pressure, volume and temperature


Dr Bill Proud



Thursday 24th January

The fibre optic internet


Dr Seb Savory
Thursday 28th February

Crossrail and other large tunnels around the world


Prof Lord Robert Mair
Thursday 21st March

Einstein, General Relativity and Gravitational Waves


Prof Malcolm Longair