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Department of Physics

Educational Outreach

Please note, this year's lectures will be in-person at the Cavendish Laboratory from 6pm to 7pm, with an Isaac Physics session from 5pm.

Cambridge Physics Centre: Online Lecture Programme 2022/23

Supported by the Cavendish Laboratory, the Institute of Physics and the Department of Engineering.


This lecture series is open to all, but aimed at those in years 12 and 13.  It exists to enthuse, stimulate and challenge students and their teachers across the whole broad spectrum of physics-related topics.  It is a live event at the Cavendish Laboratory, directions to the lectures and parking for the evening can be found here.

An interactive Isaac Physics problem solving session starts at 5pm, lectures start at 6pm and finish by 7pm. There is no need to book these lectures, you can just turn up on the day. 

If you wish to be informed of future lectures, please use our CPC Mailing List Sign-up form.

Feedback can be given here.

Recordings of this year's lectures are available here.


Lecture Title



Thursday 13th October

James Webb Space Telescope: A New Eye on the Distant Universe

Dr Emma Curtis-Lake, Centre for Astrophysics Research,
University of Hertfordshire

Tuesday 15th November

Superconductors and their Applications

Prof John Durrell,  Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Tuesday 13th December Materials for Quantum Technologies? Dr Hannah Stern, Winton Programme for the Physics of Sustainability, University of Cambridge





Tuesday 24th January

Dark Energy Dr Matt Bothwell, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

Tuesday 21st February

How Wings Work Prof Holger Babinsky, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Thursday 23rd March   Fusion: solution to the energy crisis?

Prof Roddy Vann, Department of Physics, University of York

Recordings of past lectures can be viewed here.