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Exhibit 15 - Astrophysics


Astro Black Hole
Artist’s impression of a Black Hole

What will students see at your exhibit?

In this exhibit, the students will learn about the daily work of the research students in the Astrophysics group. The research students will present slides showcasing their research projects. These presentations will describe the state of the art of astrophysics research as well as what means to be an astrophysicist. 

Astro Small AMI
Small AMI télescope at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, Cambridge, UK.

Why is it useful?

The study of the Universe is at the heart of human curiosity. By learning about the Universe (How it all started? How did it evolve to become what it is today? Where is it all going? Are we alone?), we can answer some of the more fundamental questions ever asked by humans.

Astro SKA
SKA antenna elements designed at Cambridge.

Astro CMB
The emerging structure of the Universe. Image: SKA Organisation / Swinburne astronomy productions.